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A small shopping complex called Ramayana
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small shopping complex

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Saturday, 29-Jul-2006 07:25
Trip to Medan - Parapat - Berastagi - Medan
Day Four:
rELaXing dAy...

We had lunch @ A&W kat Ramayana tu, 2 meals cost around Rp40,000 ++ the place is very near to Semarak Hotel... jalan kaki jerk..

Since yesterday dah singgah kat Plaza Medan.. n tgk Spa dier pun x der sgt yg menarik.. I bought lah a pack of Indo-made-green-tea lulur.. buat sendiri kat HOtel... oooOOoo nyaman nyerr.. ;)

Mlm tu naik cab 'PAk RockY' pi mkn kat Restoren Famili.. kat Hotel Ibunda..we were there around 9pm tp lauk byk dah abishhh, tp mkn laaa jugak.. dah lapar.. Starting from today onwards mkn2 dah not included in the package.. so dinner ni we spent around Rp80,000 - dgn lauk yg terhad utk 4 org..

... i dun know if I wanna mention tis or not.. well.. better mention lar since I felt really uneasy bout this.. Kat otel ni gak ramai org2 melayu lelaki tua (nak mampos tp x sedar diri) main pompuan - it's a norm here..I dun give a damn at 1st... but lepas mengkantoikan org yg aku kenal..(kalau mata ni x silap laaa).n as like everyone else.. memula tu assume la maybe derang ni are here for business purposes.. tp kan masa turun breakfast.. nampak lak seko2 turun asing2 n bawak pompuan turun skali.. nak kata business meeting in the morning pun.. i dun see anyone of them wearing business attire.. n i guess if u were there, seeing em with pompuan2 boyan tu.. (dah la x lawa...) mmg immediately dpt tangkap dah.. when i took a pic masa breakfast tu.. aku terpandang lah org tua tuu, tau plak cover2 muka ngan rokok.. mesti ingat aku nak amik gambar.. padan muka dier!!! it's just sooo pathetic.. kang x pasal2 kena AIDS ker aper kang.. x ker sia2? So to friends out there.. better be alert of ur hubby, dad and even u'r brother.. u will never know what they are up tooo... jeng jeng jennnnnggg.... 8-)

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