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Wednesday, 26-Jul-2006 00:47
Trip to Medan - Parapat - Berastagi - Medan
Day One:
Arrived around 8:30 am (lndonesian Time).. 1st stop was to Istana Maimon, which there was nothing much in there except for the Historical Building, pictures of the Kerajaan Deli (that came from Kuala Kangsar), some history explanations and that's it - not really worth going to.

We skipped visiting Mesjid Raya, drove past by n took few pics.

Went straight to the highway (in Amplas) to get to Parapat, after 2 hours of driving, we stopped for lunch in Restaurant Simpang 3 - Ohhh the food was marvelous!! :-D and the journey continues...

At Siantar.. we stopped at a resting place that sells all kind of kacang tumbuk.. the Ting-Ting, Tang-Tang, Ping-Ping, POng-Pong.. n mcm2 lagi lah... I dun eat kacang.. so x beli lah.. hehe

Finally @ about 6pm sampai lah kat Danau Toba Hotel tu.. Sempat rayau2 kat town.. banyak anjing sini.. nasib x jumpa B2!! hehe sini dilabelkan makanan kegemaran mereka seperti B1 & B2. B1 tu anjing.. B2 tu..ba alif ba ya! Ader gak kedai makanan muslim.. tp mcm was2 lah.. We decided to buy TELKOMSEL nyer sim card for our usage since roaming DIGI i unable to access to any network!! (*&^*$%&) - Lagi murah Rp12,000 for sim.. skali top up sumer nyer Rp 30,000.. dpt free Rp10,000 pulsar (top up) lagik! Sms to M'sia will only cost you Rp500 = RM0.04 sen jerkk!! Oh and the coverage.. kat tgh2 tasik dlm ferry nak pi Samosir Island tu pun ader line, full bar!!

I need to mention here that the traffic in Medan and the road users here are freaks!! They drive like road bullies, uses honk everytime n everywhere.. school childen will get on top of the *buses if it's full..hell dangerous! Imagine; with the way they drive?!?! but one thing good is that I did not see any accident happens ;)

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